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Why Your Skin Needs 8 Hours of Sleep Too

Updated: Jan 28

They call it beauty sleep for a reason. The skin or biologically termed, epidermis, is our largest and most important organ. It's literally the house for all of your other innards so we'd say it's a pretty big deal. Skin being the first form of defense against all threats to the human body, needs energy too. Like all other organs, it thrives on, proper of absorption of water, vitamins, minerals, and... you guessed it: Sleep. Ample slumber provides the body with the power charge that it needs to perform its innumerable duties; among which is fueling your skin with the nutrients necessary to shield you from the elements.

We all know that in the wide web of the world, it can be hard to unplug and settle in for adequate and uninterrupted rest. To manage this requires a commitment that ultimately becomes a lifestyle. Are you staying up so late that the date has changed? Is background noise your lullaby? Have you dropped your phone on your face from dozing while scrolling? If you had to side eye yourself at any of those inquiries, it may be time to develop a bedtime routine that suits your body's needs and schedule.

Check this article out for tips on best practices to crush sleep goals and rest assured that Mondiah Essentials is here to help with the rest of your skin care needs.

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