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About Us


We're Nelson and Soheila.
Sweethearts since kindergarten with a large blended family of 10.
That's right, eight kids total!
With a family that big, we have a knack for life hacks.
Developing Mondiah Essentials was just another result of seeking solutions for wellness.
Check out our Instagram page to hear us tell the complete story of our company's humble beginnings.


 During my third pregnancy I was desperately trying to protect my belly skin from dryness, more damage, as well as, the baby inside from harmful chemicals and toxins. So, I needed a good moisturizer.  After experimenting with many popular belly butters and lotions, I couldn't find anything that provided coverage and moisture in and a toxin- free formula.  So I got in the lab (better known as my kitchen) and came up with something that worked beautifully. It took a lot of research, trial, error, science, and observation, but I came up with a winning formula.  Nelson used his network to spread the word. Once several people that had been given samples for feedback came back offering to pay for more, Mondiah Essentials Total Body Butter was born.  


Obviously, as was the first test subject, I said I'd put my own baby belly on blast just to share the difference this stuff made for me. My personal experience was the primary reason I chose to go through with this journey. This belly you see here has completed FOUR pregnancies (one of which carrying twins). My pregnancy stretch marks come in hyperpigmented. I went from what looks like claw marks on the hips, belly, and upper thighs after baby number TWO, to barely there blemishes while still expecting baby number FIVE! It's been a master moisturizer for my entire family. From burns, cuts, eczema, flaky skin, to wrinkles... anyone who uses it says this butter works wonders for their skin.

The postpartum results seen in the top left pic were after six months' daily use of a popular belly balm on the market at the time. Bottom right are results after six months' daily belly use of Mondiah Essentials Total Body Butter.

Currently expecting? Still got war wounds two years after giving birth? We've got you covered. Bless your belly with our stretch mark assassin. Balance your skin with this blemish blaster.

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Let’s Work Together

P.O. Box 24884 

Fort Worth, Texas 76124 

Tel: 214.962.0887

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