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Let's Talk Ash

No, not burned remains. We're talking about arms, legs, and hind parts that are in desperate need of a moisturizer. Simply put, ashy skin is better known as skin so dry that it can be chalky in appearance. Although it may be a surprise to some, the term "ashy" also has a strong cultural connotation which is another conversation in and of itself. We'll leave it to the powers of self-paced Google education to serve anyone unclear on the cultural significance of ash pertaining to skin. Those in the know may understand what being ashy is, but not necessarily the wide array of conditions that contribute to it. So, let's get into it!

Factor 1: Neglect. In many cases, some people experience dry skin to the point that it is visible due to not seeing the value of using a good moisturizer. Personally, they just feel that it is not necessary to add that task to their routine. It's their lifestyle and to them we give a good side eye and say, "To each his own."

Factor 2: Environmental conditions. Dry skin often rears it's itchy head the most in the cooler months of the year or in regions of the world where there are consistently lower temperatures. Colder environments reduce the humidity in the air and have a drying effect on the skin barrier.

Factor 3: Water exposure. We addressed colder temps, but hot water strips the skin as well and quite quickly. A good hot bath can leave you ashy as soon as the soggy wrinkles on your hands and feet dissipate. Extended exposure to water in general such as swimming and hot tubs alters the built in oils of the skin.

Factor 4: Medical Conditions. There are those of us who are dealing with skin conditions beyond general reasons that cause ashiness such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, etc.

The good news is that Mondiah Essentials Total Body Butter is a BOMB ASH tool to combat all of the above contributors to dryness. It is packed with an array of vitamin and antioxidant containing ingredients that not only moisturize skin, but also restores the resilience of the skin barrier. For more information on ashy skin, take a peek at this article to help put things in more perspective.

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