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What makes Mondiah Essentials different from the rest?

Mondiah Essentials' Total Body Butter is a superfood for skin made of 100% un-refined plant based ingredients. Our handcrafted blend is free from preservatives, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, harmful synthetic fragrances, and other toxic ingredients often found in skin moisturizers. No fillers and carcinogenic chemicals are used to maintain the aesthetic or feel of the product. We did the legwork to research and create skincare chock full of exotic, organic, and ethically sourced plant extracts from Mother Nature's best substances for the restoration of skin. We insist on offering effective products, consumer transparency, and customer satisfaction. 

Does this moisturizer work for all skin types?

Yes. Mondiah Essentials Total Body Butter is sensitively versatile enough for new born babies, yet capable enough to tackle tough conditions such as eczema, stretchmarks, scars, general dryness of skin, and can even be used as a hair and scalp treatment. Pregnant?  Have eczema? Calloused feet? Flaky newborn skin? No worries. We've got everybody covered... head to toe. 

Will my body butter melt if it gets too warm?

Yes. We do not use any of the chemicals, emulsions, preservatives, thickeners, or fillers that others use in order to maintain the consistency of the product. The natural and preservative-free composition of our products makes them sensitive to higher temperatures so be sure to store it in a cool and dry place. If the butter does happen to melt, it will not change its effectiveness. Just let it cool and solidify quickly in your fridge to use.​

Will there be more ME products available in the future?

Indeed. Being a young company, we are boldly looking forward to sharing the latest developments of our line that are sure to be staples in your natural skincare regimen as well. Check out customer reviews below, stay tuned for updates, and thanks in advance for growing with us!  



At Mondiah Essentials, we’re there for our customers. Want to learn more about our range of brand name products, or have a specific question in mind? Contact our team here and we'll look forward to addressing your inquiry at our earliest convenience.

P.O. Box 24884 Fort Worth, Texas 76124


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