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What is Drybrushing?

Updated: Jan 28

Taut, glowing, and firm skin. Who doesn't want the secret to it? We set out to discover what methods were the most simple and cost effective achieving results. Enter: dry brushing. "What's that?" Well, it's basically using what we've come to know as a grooming utensil to exfoliate and massage the skin. Dry brushing incorporates using a wide, soft-bristled brush in strategic motions to encourage lymphatic drainage, increased blood circulation, and removal of dead skin cells.

You know that brush on a stick that some use in the shower to wash their back? Yeah, well think doing that all over your body (minus the shower.) Some would argue that technique and timing is just as important as the type of brush used and that you must brush in a specific direction to be effective. What we do know is that our Mondiah Essentials Total Body Butter is the perfect moisturizer to add to this regimen for amazing- looking skin.

Check out this link for a good take on how to dry brush and get on the fast track to smoother skin.

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