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Baby Skin Blues

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The beauty of the human body to bring a new being into this world has built in perks. Fun fact about newborn skin: The substance coating a fetus' skin in utero known as vernix caseosa protects baby's skin even several hours after birth. In most cases, the substance is immediately washed off of baby after birth. However, if left alone, it will absorb into a newborn's skin providing them with much needed moisture and protection. Mother nature providing the first skin care regimen your baby will experience is pretty cool to us!

So your sweet smelling bundle of baby breath is settling in and (hopefully) getting plenty of skin to skin contact, right? Ok, now what? How do we keep this precious skin soft and moisturized after the first bath? Finding products as delicate as your baby's bum can be a challenge. From carcinogenic talc in baby powder, to formaldehyde, to hormone disrupting parabens, the list of ingredients in many products can be downright frightening. Even petroleum jelly has been found to be potentially toxic depending on the refinement process. Seeing as how a little one's organs, nervous and immune systems are developing at a rapid rate, it's imperative we give them the best chance at optimum performance by being mindful of what we put in and on their tiny bodies.

Enter this shameless plug for Mondiah Essentials Total Body butter as a toxin-free moisturizing solution you can trust for new to the crew skin. Made simply of naturally-derived ingredients that absorb and nourish the most sensitive of skin, it's easy to maintain baby's skin in the most kissable of conditions. Many parents using our Total Body Butter have even reported that it has worked wonders on their little one's eczema. Take a look at this link to gain a bit more insight to the truth about common baby care products and let us know what you think in the comments. Feel free to subscribe and get instant savings in your inbox on your next purchase of Mondiah Essentials.

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