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How to Go Au Naturale

Updated: Jan 27

Modern times call for modern measures and in the age of information many have come to learn of the toxicity of the average products on store shelves. From what we put in our bodies, to what we put on them, people are becoming more mindful of all that it entails. Many are seeking to make healthier lifestyle choices up to and including skin care. In a traditionally under served market, it can be difficult to find products created with wholesomeness in mind.

Once you make the decision to be a consumer of healthier options, you have to adapt to these changes. Products with a more natural approach work differently and require a change in expectations. If you are choosing whole food options, understand that you may have to compromise on what you've been conditioned to desire taste-wise. If you've decided to eliminate the standard deodorant rife with carcinogenic ingredients, just know that perspiration is a part of your new normal. The very things that make the typical deodorant an antiperspirant are also a terror on your endocrine system. Consider detoxing before changing your product regimen. This will help hit the reset button for your body. Check out this article for the rundown on deo- detox and stay tuned for the next debut in our line up of products to add to your natural hygiene routine.

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